The Time Eater Fanart Contest

Join us in celebrating the end of the first volume of the Ageless Sword by drawing your favorite scene!

Submit your artwork by October 12th to be entered into a contest for some amazing prizes!

Not an artist? That’s fine too! There will also be a drawing for those who help spread the word, join discord, or recruit others to join discord.

Both parts of the contest will be open until October 12th, 11:59pm PST.

The Contest is Closed!

Two winners will receive a code for a copy of Clip Studio Paint Pro.
If we receive more than 15 entries into the contest, a grand prize of an XP-PEN Artist 12 11.6 graphic tablet (or equivalent based on the wonderful world of international shipping) will be added to the prizes, bringing the total up to 3 winners!

Help spread the news so we can get as many entries as possible and unlock that grand prize!

Entering is simple! Just create your artwork and submit it to before the deadline! Artwork can be in any medium, be it digital, traditional, clay, or what ever strikes your fancy.

The artwork should be based on your favorite scene from The Time Eater. It doesn’t need to be a direct depiction of the scene, but I do need to be able to figure out how it relates to your chosen scene. When submitting your piece, please include the scene you chose, and, if you want, why it was your favorite. Please also include a link to your portfolio, website, or work of your own so I can credit you.

Your artwork remains your own. I claim no ownership of the pieces submitted for the contest. However, to be considered for the prizes, I’m requesting permission to display the piece on this website and in the relevant scene in the Time Eater, with credit given. The winning pieces will be displayed here when the contest is over.

It’ll be hard to pick a favorite scene without reading it first. If you haven’t read The Time Eater yet, click here! There’s still plenty of time.

If art isn’t your thing, there’s still a way to participate and earn entries into a drawing to win a $50 amazon gift card!

For every post made on social media (you can find me on twitter at @gracelessliar) about either the series (with a link to either this page or to where you can read it) you earn one entry. To get credit, send an email with a screenshot of the post to

Joining the Ageless Sword Discord server is worth one entry, and for every person you recruit, you’ll earn an extra entry! Just tell your friend to ping @daisy and say “I’m @theirusername and @yourusername invited me!”

When the fanart contest is over, one winner will be selected randomly from all entries to win the gift card!

Volume I: The Time Eater

After finding a magic sword, Tavia Renegarde is dragged into an underworld of super-human entities and must find the courage to make a stand against the fearsome Time Eater.

Crossing of Fates coming October 12, 2020!

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Volume II: Crossing of Fates

Tavia's peaceful school life is interrupted when her fellow student is attacked by a Demi whose motives are a mystery.


The Ageless Sword is a high fantasy with an urban flair. After a meddling sword-turned-human named Evos chooses her to be his wielder, her simple life turns upside down as she is forced to confront the questionable choices made to create the world of comforts she lives in.

Let’s just say we have along way to go before the end.

Daisy used to be a very nice bear. Now she eats souls, but don’t worry, she doesn’t bite.

The Ageless Sword is posted for free to read on the following sites:

Royal Road






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It’s something of a pun. Fantasy novels are very obviously not real, making them rather graceless lies.

Gracelessliar also goes by the pen name NJ Thalmayer, but that’s not as catchy or as easy to spell.

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